Learn more about hire a marquee

Many homes and some businesses lack the space for a large number of guests. If this is the case, it makes good sense to hire a marquee. Marquees come in all shapes and sizes. The style can be chosen for a specific theme or to work with the space available. A marquee can provide a shaded area for guests or event patrons to socialize. It can also provide a complete enclosure, to keep guests protected from the weather.

Learn more about hire a marquee

Marquees are shelters, gazebos, or canopy-like structures that are non-permanent. They are set up and taken down easily, which is why many people use them for events when they're expecting large crowds. If the event is a concert, a dance, or a reception, a starshade marquis may work best. It goes up with a center pole and can be large enough to hold up to 162 guests.

Another type of marquee is the pagoda. It has a central roof point and is a complete enclosure. The clear doors can be opened if needed. The pagoda style also comes in several sizes. It makes a good choice for events with several vendors or entertainers. It can also be added to a larger marquee, for a grand entrance.

The clearspan marquee is suitable for dining and events involving meals. It provides clear windows on all sides, with cathedral like designs. The clearspan is a good choice for receptions, formal dinners, and evens with a large number of guests. The complete enclosure makes the clearspan suitable for catering meals.

The cinema marquee is a dark enclosure suitable for entertainment. It can be used for any event with a stage and lighting. It's probably most useful for movies and films. It can be used for small concerts, musicals, and other forms of entertainment that will draw spectators.

Marquees are useful for hosting guests in comfortable, private environments, when indoor spaces are simply not sufficient. Many marquee styles can protect guests from wind and rain. Others are open and are designed for events where guests will move more freely. Marquees can be set up and taken down on the same day, to return outdoor spaces to their previous natural states.

For one time events, occasional celebrations, or events that are hosted outdoors, it makes sense to hire a marquee, rather than building a costly gazebo or pavilion. It also has the benefit of being portable, for an event that may need to be relocated.